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Transform your smile

Welcome to Dental Implants Adelaide

Missing or damaged teeth?

We know how upsetting this can be – especially when your smile is affected or it was that tooth you really needed. Your confidence, enjoyment of a simple meal and love of life can all take a blow. You don’t have to live like this!

Dental Implants – restore your smile – change your life.

Dental implants are one of the most advanced dental treatments available, with each implant being customised to suit your individual needs.

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Benefits of Dental Implants in Adelaide



Chew with confidence. Long term solution. Fixed to your jaw.

Natural look


A beautiful natural blending with your other teeth and gums. Stops face sagging.

Preserve mouth structure


Keep other teeth from drifting into empty spaces and preserve jaw bone through function.

We would love to transform your smile!
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Adelaide Dental Implants Clinic

Why We Recommend Dental Implant Treatments

One of the best things to ever happen in the dental world is the invention of dental implants. They are the next best thing to real teeth and are perfect for adults of any age. They are usually custom made for you to look, feel and function like regular teeth; hence, people may not see the difference when you smile. No one is too old to get dental implants, they are for adults of all ages and can help to improve their dental health, their smile, and quality of life. Below are some of the reasons why dentists recommend dental implants as a tooth replacement solution.

Dental Implants Have A Natural Look.

The best thing about dental implants is that they are usually designed to look like your regular teeth growing from your gums. You will not be able to tell the difference with time and no one else will know they are implants. Also, they are quite comfortable and will increase your confidence when you smile. The thing that sets them apart from dentures is that you do not have to worry about them falling out as is the case with dentures. They are fixed to your jaws just like regular teeth.

Implants Really Improve Your Ability To Eat.

As implants are anchored in the jaw bone and fix onto you in a similar way natural teeth are fixed onto you. Having dental implants to replace your missing teeth means that in most cases you can usually chew your food better and with no sensitivity . Healthy implants fixed to the jawbone stimulates and works the jawbone, this usually can help to reduce jaw bone resorption that happens when regular teeth are lost.

Long-Lasting Replacement for Missing Teeth

With great maintenance, that is regular, thorough brushing and flossing at home and regular professional care, a well positioned
And well restored dental implants can last for a very long time. Maybe the rest of your lifetime. In this way they are a great long term investment and you may never need to have them replaced. Any small problems can be remedied as soon as they are found with regular dental care. Implants never get tooth decay.

As seen above, dental implants have numerous benefits and in many cases they are better than other tooth replacement systems. For example if bridgework is used, the teeth on either side of a gap are cut down, using implants to replace the missing tooth or teeth can restore the gap without damaging the adjacent teeth.

Dentures and bridges which lean on the neighbouring teeth often lead to further tooth loss over time and make the gaps created by missing teeth even bigger. Implants can help you to maintain all of your other remaining natural teeth and their bony support systems and therefore in the long run they can help you to preserve the supporting bone structure for you mouth and face. It is for the above reasons that many dentists recommend them as the best solution for missing teeth. They are a worthwhile investment in your future oral health that will serve you for a long time.